My name is Kat, I am a Sheffield based baker and self confessed foodie. I have lived in Sheffield for the past 7 years and proud to call it my home. Sheffield has to be one of the best cities for eating in the UK, it is packed to the brim with independents and pop ups and I doubt I could get a vegan mac and cheese burger delivered to your door in many other places! Throughout my blog I will unashamedly name drop some of my favourite places to eat in the city and share with you new and exciting foodie news.

I spend my days in the tiny kitchen of my flat in a constant cycle of sprinkling flour everywhere and cleaning it up. My current project is sourdough, which is proving to be more temperamental than I had originally thought. Hopefully as I begin to grasp some of the (basic) science behind this amazing way of baking I can pass it on through clumsy words to you.

Aside from baking, my other interest is health and fitness. I try and put a healthy spin on what I bake and cook. You’ll probably notice pretty quickly that the recipes on this blog are vegan. I initially became vegan to help me work towards my fitness goals, now I’m vegan for so many other reasons too. While veganism isn’t an inherently healthy way of living it gives a lot more opportunities to include more vitamin rich and lower fat substitutions in your recipes, think swapping mince for lentils in lasagne or eggs for banana in baking. But I’m not going to pretend that I don’t happily devour full fat, sugar laden brownies while binge watching friends. Life is all about balance.

“Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane” – Gigi Hadid

I hope you find joy and inspiration while browsing my blog, food is made to be enjoyed so please experiment with the recipes you find on here and let me know how it goes!