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Church- Temple of Fun Review

Church – Temple of Fun is a 100% vegan eatery in Kelham Island. Serving diner style burgers, sandwiches, sides and fries, it is the ultimate destination for vegan comfort food.


Situated in an old warehouse, sharing its space with Drop Dead clothing and a tattoo shop. There’s an array of video games, both old and new, to keep you entertained while waiting for your food. The decor is a kitch nod to their name with religious memorabilia on the walls and ceiling.


The majority of the menu is made up of meat replacements like the amazing moving mountains B12 burger and seitan ribs and chicken. Gluten free burgers are available on request. Their sides are definitely not an afterthought. An array of loaded fries are on offer ranging from pesto fries to Japanese inspired Okonomiyaki fries.

I have visited church a couple of times now so have tried a few of their dishes.

I would definitely recommend the moving mountains burger. Served in a seeded bun with your choice of toppings, the burger itself is the closest thing to a meat burger I’ve eaten since going veggie almost ten years ago. It is juicy and smokey with a good meaty texture. Their DD burger is topped with a rich bbq sauce and onion rings was the first one I tried. My boyfriend raves about their surf and turf burger, which is topped with a convincing battered ‘prawn’.

Last time I visited I have their bbq ribs. The seitan ribs are served in a dark bbq sauce and a creamy ranch dip. I also had their okonomiyaki fries which are served topped with crispy tofu, mayo and a sweet Japanese sauce. Their signature avocado wings are definitely worth a try, deep fried avocado topped with creamy mayo and spicy Sriacha.

Church also offer a weekend brunch menu which I have yet to try. Temple of fun is an excellent place for veggies and vegans. It has a fully stocked bar with an eclectic cocktail manu if you just wanted somewhere a bit different for an after work drink. I would recommend Church to anyone looking for a really good vegan burger and chilled out vibes.




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